Privacy policy

Non-personalized technical data
When visiting the CAPRA website, non-personalized technical data is collected about the visitor, which is limited to the device used for the visit (computer, tablet or phone) and the Internet address of the network (IP address), the web browser and operating system software used on the device, the time (time, date, year) and place of the visit. Collected information is not linked to personally identifiable information.

Data is collected about visits to the website and familiarization with its content, in order to improve the website and service environment and make it more convenient for visitors based on this information with the help of cookies. We use the Google Analytics to collect the above-mentioned data. If you do not wish to transmit this data, you can disable the collection of data by Google Analytics in the privacy settings management of your web browser. If you refuse cookies, several services and functions of our website may be limited.

Personal data collection, processing and storage
In order to contact us or send inquiries, each user of the CAPRA page may also voluntarily provide us with their name, email address and mobile phone number, as well as the details of their company. By entering data in the database, you give us the right to process your data (name and e-mail address or phone number for service provision and marketing purposes. Including social media and internet marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google). You have the right to stop storing and processing this data at any time, and opt out of receiving notifications and offers.

If you are not satisfied with the way a CAPRA employee processes your personal data and contacting the customer manager or marketing specialist directly or leaving the mailing list has not yielded a satisfactory result, you can submit a complaint in writing to

Please contact us at the same address for any questions or concerns about the privacy policy or data processing.

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