EKE thermowood sauna 2.8m 9.2ft | 4 people

This 4-6 person outdoor thermowood cube sauna , with 2,0m (6.6′) diameter and 2,8m (9.2′) total length is a premium-quality DIY Sauna Kit.

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Additional info

Standard sauna set has front and back wall 2,8 cm (1.1“), staves 4,2 cm (1.7“), air vent set and tempered glass door with alder frame.

It also includes two interior opposite-facing thermowood benches for sitting or reclining; flat floor; heater guard; cradle supports; stainless steel bands with bolts for tightening and black colour bitumen shingle roofing with roof drip edge.

Upgrades: full glass front window; back wall semi-panoramic window; wooden front door with two side windows (66,5x30cm); bench made of thermo alder; backrests; front arches to cover the front end.

This barrel sauna kit is designed for easy 1-day, 2-person assembly. It comes with complete installation manual in English and 1-year warranty for materials and workmanship. Electic heater and chimney is not included.

  • Capacity4 - 6 people
  • MaterialThermo treated pine
  • Length 280 cm 110.2 in
  • Height 210 cm 82.7 in

Technical info


General information

Series Eke
Sauna Shape Cube


Barrel Material Thermo treated pine
Front and Back Wall Material Thermo treated pine
Benches Material Thermowood
Cradle Base Material Nordic spruce
Floor Grate Thermo treated pine
Heater Protection Thermowood
Roofing Black bitumen roof shingles
Bench Types Two rows


Length 280 cm9.2 ft
Height 210 cm6.9 ft
Width 200 cm6.6 ft
Volume 7.5 m3265 ft3
Package Weight 750 kg1653 lbs
Steam Room Dimensions 210.4 X 195.8 cm82.8 X 77.1 in
Door Size 169 X 59 cm66.5 X 23.2 in
Door Bronze tinted and tempered glass door
Porch Width 57
Barrel Staves Thickness 4.2 cm1.7 in
Front and Back Wall Thickness 2.8 cm1.1 in

Shipping information

Package Size 285 X 120 X 82112.2 X 47.2 X 32.3 in

Variation options

FW BW thermowood glass door
FW glass BW half moon glass door
FW glass BW thermowood glass door
Bench Type One row
L - type
Bench Material Nordic spruce
Thermo conifer
Thermo hardwood
Door Thermowood frame glass door
Wooden door
Windows Round (non-openable)
Square (non-openable)
Square (openable)
Roofing Black bitumen shingles
Red bitumen shingles
Green bitumen shingles
Backrest Thermowood
Arch End Covers Nordic spruce (nonpainted)
Nordic spruce (painted)

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